October 17, 2011

PLL: Smash hit for the Hussars, Poznan remains unconquered!

After a very emotional and dramatic game, the Hussars from Wielkopolska beat Wroclaw's Kosynierzy 9:8, putting them in the lead of the PLL playoffs.


Prior to the game, the Hussars took part in the filming of a new music video for the song "Little brother of war" by Ascetoholix. The project is directed by Cam-L Studio. The match was also attended by Wielkopolska's well known footballer, Piotr Reiss, and a boxer with several titles under his belt, Krzysztof "Roguś" Rogowski, from Poznan.


The Kosynierzy came to Wielkopolska's capital with a weakened roster. The game's starting lineup lacked Jack Litmanowski and Mateusz Rydzak, who are the team's strengths. The Hussars played with their strongest lineup.



The game was refereed by German referee, Christian Geshke, and Remigiusz Majda, who plays for the Warsaw Grom. The starting 10's met in the middle of the field at exactly 4pm and wished each other luck in the upcoming barrage.


The teams clashed after the first face-off. The first goal was scored by Kosynierzy thanks to Marcin Janiszewski, who surprised Poznan's defence by shooting at a sharp angle and getting the ball past Jerry Winiarek. Poznan's reaction was immediate. Marcin Dobski shot from a distance and evened the score. A moment later it was 2:1 for the hosts. Kamil Lamorski passed the ball to Jedrzej Baginski who then scored.



The first quarter could have easily been called 'and eye for an eye'. Poznan's defence played very aggresively, which wasn't missed by the referees. Jan Rydzak tied the game 2:2 with a long shot in a man down situation. However, on the other side of the field, Maciej Pacanowski added one for the Hussars. The exchange of blows lasted till the end of the quarter. Marcin Janiszewski later scored his second goal of the game. Kosynierzy were close to getting the lead, however, Poznan's goalie caught the shot speeding towards his goal. Making a successful clear, he passed the ball to Krzysztof Hamrol, who then served it to Marcin Dobski. The ever popular "Jachu" dodged his defender and beat Konrad Masztalerz. The score after the first quarter was 4:3 for the hosts.



The second quarter was under the dictatorship of the Hussars. Poland's champs defended themselves well and played smart up top. The ball was passed around for a while after which a quick play saw a shot on goal. On the list of scorers were: Paweł Hamrol, Marek Biesiada and Jędrzej Bagiński. The score at half-time stood at 7:3 for the hosts. Unfortunately, the team's main drive engine, Krystian Komar, suffered an injury in this part of the game.



Kosynierzy picked up steam after the break. Thanks to the dynamic Jan Rydzak, Wroclaw scored twice to the surprise of the locals. The Hussars retaliated with a goal by Marek Biesiada. The speeding Kosy managed to get passed Jerry Winiarek twice more thanks to Jakub Toton. The 3rd quarter was decidedly dominated by the Kosynierzy. The score at the end of the quarter was 8:7 for the hosts.


Emotions reached a peak in the 4th quarter. Both teams performed dangerous  counter attacks and positional attacks. The audience gathered in the stadium on Gdanska street were electrified by the action. The cheers coming from the stands were a powerful wind blowing on the sails of both teams.



After a carefully targeted shot, Szymon Kowalewski increased the host's lead. The scoreboard showed 9:7. Kosynierzy ignited  the after-burners near the end and managed to score once more. Jakub Toton was the author of that goal, one of the best players in that game. The Hussars defended themselves successfully till the end. Final score: 9-8 for the hosts!



The game's statistics can be found on the Polish Lacrosse League's website: .


We now would like to thank Kosynierzy Wroclaw for an excellent game, the referees for maintaining order within the game and the invaluable fans who give us wings!


Keep Laxing! 

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