December 19, 2009

Poznań Hussars in University LipDub

Poznań Hussars players appeared in Polish version of University LibDub. We invite you to watch the final clip of University of Adam Mickiewicz's Lipdub!


What is LipDub? It’s a way of presenting your university with a video production. It’s a way of showing everyone that studying does not have to be boring. On the contrary, it’s great fun!
Krzysztof Hamrol, Jerry Winiarek, Maciej Pacanowski, Kamil Lamorski and Marek Biesiada reported to the department of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Adam Mickiewicz where the whole thing took place. Poznan Hussars players presented their skills on the patio. 
“This project was a great possibility to combine great fun, training and promotion of lacrosse in Poznan” said Maciej. “The positive side of this event was that people could see what lacrosse is and try by themselves to throw and catch. A lot of students involved in LipDub started to search the internet and read about lacrosse after the recording. “
“I didn’t expect such enthusiasm from the participants of this project! The atmosphere was just great” said Jerry. “People acted like they knew each other for years. It’s a great project and I’m proud that I could be part of it” he added.
There were 203 actors on the set. Several days after the premiere the video had over 200,000 views!
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