December 13, 2009

Team Poland on the training camp in Vienna

On the October 12, 2009, Team Poland visited Vienna (Austria) to participate in the lacrosse training camp. Six players from Poznan took part in it: Pawel Hamrol, Jędrzej Bagiński, Grzegorz Irla, Błażej Piotrowski, Marcin Dobski and Krystian Komar.

We started our trip at 11PM on Friday. Distance and changing weather conditions were the main cause of our late arrival at 9AM the next day. On the first day we practiced alongside Team Austria both the basic lacrosse skills like shooting and dodging as well as various tactical plays. At the end of day one we played a scrimmage, two teams which consisted of both Polish and Austrian players.

However the main purpose of our visit in Austria was to play against Team Austria and Team Slovakia which also visited Vienna for this purpose. The first of three games was between Austria and Slovakia. It was a great opportunity to see two, more experienced teams in action. Hosts won this game 8:5.

The second game was an impatiently awaited scrimmage with Team Austria. First quarter ended with a score 2:1 for Poland (2 goals Jacek Litmanowski, assists Marcin Janiszewski, Daniel Węgrzyk). Unfortunately other quarters exposed our weaknesses. For eleven lost goals we responded only with one. The final score was 21:3 for Austria.

The last friendly game that day was the encounter between teams Poland and Slovakia. We stepped on the field with even more motivation. The game was evenly balanced, however individual mistakes of Polish players became the cause of our loss. Final score: 6:1 for Slovakia. The only goal for Poland was scored by Pawel Hamrol (Poznań Hussars) assisted by Blazej Piotrowski (Poznań Hussars).

Besides the two losses the trip as a whole was a success. It was a great lesson and opportunity for us to gain more experience. We are positive that its going to be a benefit in the future. This training camp was the last opportunity to play as Team Poland this year. Now everyone needs to get back to developing individual skills, because there's only 6 months and three weeks left to Manchester...


Keep laxing!

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