June 23, 2012

Team Poland for the Berlin Open Tournament announced!

The tryouts to the Polish National Lacrosse Team held at Wroclaw during the ‘long weekend’ of May (2nd – 5th of May). Also Poznan Hussars players participated in this event.

Five players from the Champion of Poland went to Wroclaw to compete with others for the spots in Team Poland: Jedrzej Baginski, Marcin Basinski, Marek Biesiada, Pawel Hamrol and Krzysztof Hamrol.


This time the man in charge was Colin Jesien on behalf of coach Sean Chamberlain. Colin, an American with Polish heritage has been looking at Polish players for three days to determine the roster of Team Poland. The team was going to be tested in the upcoming Berlin Open tournament which was an alternative for European Championships in Amsterdam.


All of the players from Poznan made it to the team! Congratulations!


Below the roster of Team Poland:



A Igor Pruchniewski - Ravens Łodz

A Remigiusz Majda - Grom Warszawa

A Wojciech Filipek - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

A Marcin Janiszewski - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

A Ryszard Matkowski - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

A Błazej Rokicki - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

A Mike Trojanowski - Stony Brook University



M Kajetan Statkiewicz - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

M Tomasz Kedzia - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

M Jan Rydzak - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

M Jakub Toton - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

M Michal Bucki - Krakow Dragons

M Mateusz Antczak - Ravens Łodz

M Mike Poch - Stony Brook University

M Colin Jesien - RIT

M/A Karol Joachim Pernal - Grom Warszawa

M/A Pawel Hamrol - Poznan Hussars

M/A Jedrzej Baginski - Poznan Hussars



D Krzysztof Hamrol - Poznan Hussars

D Marcin Basinski - Poznan Hussars

D Scott Watras - Wesley College

D Daniel Wegrzyk - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

D Daniel Smaza - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

D Paweł Kowal - Kosynierzy Wroclaw

D Milosz Pellowski - Kosynierzy Wroclaw



G Robert Sedzik - Grom Warszawa

G Brent Herbst - Siena College

G Kacper Andrzejczak - Ravens Łodz

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