November 22, 2011

"From zero to hero" - lacrosse in Poznan boys reformatory

On the invitation of Ms Celina Chelkowska – an educator at Poznan’s reformatory for boys – the Poznan Hussars led a demonstration of lacrosse, which included a scrimmage, on the centre’s grounds.


Ms Celina Chelkowska leads a renowned educational program „From Zero to Hero”. The goal of this undertaking is to present ordinary people doing and achieving extraordinary things for the purpose of becoming a life beacon and example for others. Others who have co-operated with Ms Chelkowska include: rower Magdalena Kemnitz, marathon runner Przemysław Walewski, drifting driver Maciej Polody, Polish rappers, European MMA and Muay Thai champions as well as the football (American) team – Wielkopolska Fireballs. Poland’s current lacrosse champions – Poznan Hussars’ players – also received the invitation.

The players from Poznan’s lacrosse club arrived at the Reformatory for Boys in Poznan on 9 Wagrowska Street at 11am. The theoretical aspect was explained in the main hall prior to the practical demonstration.

The next point on the agenda was the exhibition game. For the next 30min, the spectators looked on how the game is played. The demonstration drew a lot of interest.

After the game, the boys tried throwing, catching and shooting at the goal under the Hussars supervision.

„It’s a great initiative. We’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to participate in the “From Zero to Hero” program. The guys caught on quickly and did well in catching and throwing, they did a great job. Hopefully, some of them caught the ‘lacrosse bug’ – said Krzysztof Hamrol, defenseman for the Hussars.

Everyone posed for a picture at the end of the day.

The Poznan Hussars are sincerely thankful for the invitation and wish the program „From Zero to Hero” further success.

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