November 21, 2011

PLL: Autumn round summary, Hussars in first place

The Poznan Hussars ended the autumn round of the Polish Lacrosse League in the leader’s seat. The team from Greaterpoland haven’t lost a single game.


Games within the Polish Lacrosse League are in the form of two rounds: autumn and spring. The first round came to an end for the players of the league’s top team.

First in line to challenge the championship title’s defenders were Ravens Lodz. However, the youngest team lost to their higher ranked rival 17:1. The second game took place in Poznan. The ground-shaker matchup between the Poznań Hussars and Kosynierami Wrocław conlcluded with a 9:8 win for the hosts. The win over the Silesians was a very important step in defending the title. The third rival was to be the capital’s Grom, however, the players from Warsaw withdrew resulting in a walkover, which according to PLL regulations gives Poznan a 10:0 win. The game against the Krakow Dragons has been postponed to the spring round.

After a series of matches, Poznan Hussars currently hold top place in the rankings. Kosynierzy Wrocław are in second, after which come: Kraków Dragons, Grom Warszawa and Ravens Łódź, respectively. 

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