October 27, 2011

Ladies heading to Germany

Players from Polish Women’s Lacrosse are joining Germany’s Eastern Division Women’s League. “Team Poland” will include Poznan Hussars Ladies.


The female equivalent of Polish lacrosse is just gaining popularity and isn’t as well developed as its male counterpart. Currently there are four such clubs which exist in Poland:  Poznań Hussars Ladies, Kosynierki Wrocław, Sztorm Warszawa and Ravens Łódź Ladies. The girls scrimmage with each other sporadically. The idea was born to speed up the girls’ progress by joining Germany’s Eastern League DLaxV. The teams weren’t able to rival their western neighbours individually, so the girls decided to join forces. “Team Poland” was born.

The Polish team included three of Michal Filipek’s pupils during this round:  Magdalena Żurawik, Anna Dettlaff and Aleksandra Wilk.

„Team Poland isn’t an official national team since it’s still in the early stages of development, however, participation in the league will allow our players to gain a load of experience and improve their individual skills” – claims Aleksandra Wilk, who plays for the Hussars Ladies.

The first games of the autumn round will take place in Wroclaw on October 29, 2011 in the Olawka stadium on 8 Na Niskich Lakach Street. Start of the games is planned for 11am. The Polish girls will play against Blax Select and Blax Development.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and wish them luck.

Keep Laxing! 

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