October 19, 2011

PLL: Hussars vs Grom Warszawa - announcement

This coming Saturday, the Hussars will play against Grom Warszawa on their home turf. The game is scheduled for October 22 at 1pm in the MOS stadium on 1 Gdanska street in Poznan.


The capital’s players never managed to win against their rivals from Greater Poland. Poznan’s players won twice against Warsaw in the previous season. However, this does not mean the game will be a walk in the park for the hosts.

“Grom is joining the battle for the Championship realistically. This isn’t the same team as before. They’re very strong at home, this was seen in the previous round when they were close in beating Poland’s second place holder (Grom Warszawa were tied with Wroclaw at the end of game’s regulation time 6:6, though lost in over-time). They can show their

“This is a very inconvenient rival. They run a lot and cause confusion. I’m counting on our good disposition though, and expect a heated game and battle until the last drop of sweat.” He ended. 

The Hussars currently hold 1st place in the PLL rankings, whereas Grom are in 4th place.

Hot tea is going to be served at the game for the fans who decide to watch the game live on Saturday.

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