December 13, 2010

Hussars in the celebration of geologists

The Hussars from Poznan appeared once again in the life of the city. This time you could see us in the B. Krygowski hall at the Wydzial Nauk Geograficznych i Geologicznych (Geography and Geology department) in Poznan.


On the 3rd of December 2010, “Barborka”, which is the most important event for all miners and geologists, took place as usual. The whole event was held in the above-mentioned hall and some of the most important people from the mining and geology world attended, as well as most of the deans and professors of the University of Adam Mickiewicz. However, the most important guests were us – the students!


 Following the tradition, the freshmen and junior students of the geology major prepare the entertainment portion of “barborka”. Where are the Hussars you may ask? The answer is very simple; a lot of geology students play lacrosse! 10 students, who study geology, currently practice lacrosse in the club from the heart of Wielkopolska voivodship. Karma helped them pass their exams and start the next year at the university, so it was their responsibility to organize this event. That is how the winged cavalry from Poznan got their chance to infect some more young minds with lacrosse.




The program of the entertainment part was practiced many times but what happened on stage was much more than what we had expected. Everything was going great, and with the increasing smiles of the students, the pressure was getting bigger. Finally, we heard the tune that was our signal to get on stage. We couldn’t wait any longer. Once last look on the other players’ faces and we were off! We put on the gloves with trembling hands. I looked with admiration at the guys throwing the ball in the back with such calm. For one moment, I’ve forgotten I was standing in front of such a big crowd. Someone tapped me on the back and said it’s my turn. So I started to talk and the words came easily; it was quite surprising for me as I was really nervous. I said what I had to say and I even didn’t realize when my time was up. I grabbed my helmet and went with the other guys backstage. I might have heard applause...


The grand finale of this event was a special “Barborka” stand where it was possible to get a tasty boiled sausage and traditional Polish “bigos” and cold beer. We raised our glasses to thank the gods for a successful presentation but we knew it wouldn’t be the last time. A huge “Barborka” party at the „Akumulatory” club was planned. I can’t tell you what happened there because to believe it you’d have to see it!


I would like to thank everyone who supported this event. I can sincerely say that it was a good one! Keep laxing!


Michal Szczurek

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