November 12, 2010

PLL: Hussars conquer Wawel castle!

The Poznan Hussars won another game in the PLL. This time it was a huge win over the Cracow Knights. It was the first, historical game between those two clubs.


The Hussars arrived at the Juvenia Cracow field at 1:30 PM. After a short warm-up the starting lineup of both teams stood in front of each other at the centre of the field. Two referees from Wroclaw; Mateusz Rydzak and Tomasz Kedzia started the game!



The whole game was dominated by the Hussars who consistently attacked Cracow’s goal without mercy! The Knights tried to make up for their lack of technical skills with perseverance. But it wasn’t enough to endanger the win of the more experienced rival. Both middies and attackers were in good shape that day.




The final score is without a doubt a record in the Polish Lacrosse League. The Hussars won 20:3! It allowed the team from Poznan to become the leader of the PLL pushing Wroclaw into 2nd place.



We would like to thank the Cracow Knights for a great game. We’ll see each other in Poznan in the spring!


Here you can find gallery from this game!


Keep Laxing!

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