October 19, 2010

PLL: Grom Warsaw vs Poznan Hussars

On October 17, in the Polish capital, a game took place within the PLL between the Grom Warszawa and the Poznan Hussars. The spectacle, at the "Syrenka" stadium on Picassa st., ended with a victory for the visiting team.

The game started at 1:30pm and both teams, which were set on winning only, avoided a battle. The first minutes saw conservative offence on both sides of the field. The real game started only after Warsaw scored the first goal. This was the beginning of bold offensive plays, exchange of hits, and shots on goal. Eventually the first quarter ended with a score of 2:3 for the visitors.

The second quarter progressed under the direction of the Hussars. Hurricane like attacks by the players from Greater Poland were happening at almost every opportunity. Grom retaliated with counter-offensives, however ineffective. The Poznan offensive presented themselves well which conducted increasingly interesting plays. Grom's goalie, Andy Kureth, seemed to be everywhere at once yet his amazing command that day wasn't enough to fully defend against the Hussars assault. Near the end of the quarter the visitor's top defenseman, Grzegorz Irla, was injured. After the foul on 'Greg', the game was paused in order to help the representative defender. At that moment it became clear that the defensive bloc from the capital of 'Pyrlandia' (Potatoe land), from then on, will be playing a very experimental arrangement and will have a hard nut to crack. Score till half-time - 2:7.

The second half proceeded with brutality on both sides. The leading referees who play regularly for Wroclaw Kosynierzy, Mateusz Rydzak and Michal Filipek, were forced to blow the whistle often and send off short-tempered players to cool off on the penalty bench. The 3rd quarter was won by Grom which gained a goal thanks to a nice individual play by a PNT player, Karol Joachim Pernel. Score: 3:7.

The remaining part of the meet, to the delight of the fans gathered on Picassa st., proceeded almost entirely under Warsaw Grom's control.  The Hussars porous defensive line had to deal with cheers from the girls of Warsaw Storm and the capital's team fans who gathered wind in their sails. A well positioned defensive bloc stopped the visitor's attacks and created opportunities for fast and aggresive counter offensives which brought the hosts 4 goals. Poznan packed in two more balls into Grom's goal.

Final result: Grom Warsaw 7 - 9 Poznan Hussars
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Hussars lineup:
Goalie: Jerry Winiarek, Defense: Grzegorz Irla, Michał Szczurek, Krzysztof Hamrol, Midfield: Paweł Hamrol, Marek Biesiada, Maciej Pacanowski, Krystian Komar, Marcin Dobski, Szymon Kowalewski, Michał Trzaska, Attack: Marcin Basiński, Jędrzej Bagiński, Sławomir Izydorek, Przemysław Bartkowiak
Currently the Poznan Hussars hold second place in the PLL rankings, yielding to Wroclaw Kosynierzy due to the goal ratio. The players from Lower Silesia defeated the debuting Krakow Knights 4:9 in an away game. A smaller number of goals against them allowed them to take the leaders seat.
Next Sunday, October 24, the Hussars will have the opportunity to prove that they are not in such poor shape as they appeared to be in the capital. Two matches in round two of the East Division German League await us, where we'll face higher ranked rivals.
Thanks for a good game and we'll see each other in Poznan in Spring!
You're invited to follow the Poznan Hussars and it's undertakings on it's own soil! Below is a list of scheduled Autumn PLL matches:
- 06.11 - Kosynierzy  Wrocław - Grom Warszawa
- 07.11 – Kraków Knights - Poznań Hussars
- 20.11 - Poznań Hussars - Kosynierzy Wrocław
- 27.11 - Grom Warszawa - Kraków Knights

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