September 28, 2010

'Magiel' Festival

On September 26th, the Poznan Hussars presented themselves in the 'Old Slaughterhouse' on the sports festival in Poznan organized by the Magiel Fitness club. Pictures may be viewed in our picture gallery.

"Magiel" is a new fitness club in Poznan. It's located on Nowowiejska street above the famous "Minoga" bar. Good advertising was needed to make the new sports facility well known. The owners decided to organise a specific sports day for the residents of Poznan. The event took place in the old halls of the abattoir where, one could try their strength at one of the various fitness machines or the fastest sport on two feet.

Magiel Fitness Club

We helped during the event's promotion. The Hussars, in full gear, set out with a big blue elephant (!) to invite residents. Without a doubt, the plastic mammal with a trunk on wheel in combination with lacrosse players made for a quite unusual sight which drew attention from many passerbys. The campaign was a success.

Picture gallery of the event's promo - Magiel Festival vol.1

On the day of the event (26.09), we gathered in numbers at the agreed location and set out for the slaughterhouse. Once there we displayed our skills and in doing so drew a lot of interest from people. We handed out a lot of leaflets and answered many questions. We were also invited to test an interesting exercise machine used in 'cranking'. The instructor who comes from the Czech Republic but lives in the U.S., gave us quite a work out. 45min intervals had their effect on us, however, the athlete's soul prevented us from giving up. To our delight we were able to last to the end of the session.

Picture gallery from the day of the event - Magiel Festival vol.2

This was another chance to promote awareness of lacrosse in our area. We would like to thank the bosses of "Magiel" for the invitation. We hope both sides mutually benefited from this event.

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